Customer Feed Back

Medical Conditions

Back pain

"You know through a silly mistake years ago, I hurt my back. I am a young 42 years ....There was a small click like feeling and I had messed my back up .Well then came literally 24 hours of a nagging pain with my back always inflamed .When I used to stand, when I lay down, this constant nagging pain was there. I often said to myself I would literally give my annual holiday a miss, buy my new car later if I could find a bed system that can somehow ease my pain and discomfort that made life not pleasant, and was robbing me of good sleep, let alone the constant pain I had in the day time… not to mention my doc always increasing my pain killer medication. I have seen your product before and said one day 'let me invest in myself and my health ' and invested in my future. Now I can adjust my position to that position that has me in ' my zero gravity position ' .My back has, due to the rest at night made possible by my chosen and memorized position, improved. My back gets a constant massage as well through the therapy massage I choose and save. Gone are the days of 24 hours of constant pain. The memo pedic mattress keeps my spine straight. Phew!, no more 6 pillows, just a touch of a button . A BIG thank you B&M "
Mrs Fritz ,Hiddenhausen,Germany


"I have been suffering with asthma and have problems breathing. Always at night when I want to sleep, it gets more aggravated. After a short stay in hospital where my breathing was much better due to the elevation of the hospital bed. I questioned my dr if this is due to the lovely nurses. My doctor explained that if I walked through the wards that 98 % of all the hospital beds have their backs and legs elevated and advised me to have my back elevated at home. So with careful thought and research on the internet, I chose your bed system and bought your bed and since then it's improved my condition considerably. What I like, is with the head board and leather, I chose its luxurious looks, and despite its adjustable features the bed looks like a conventional bed in the day time when its in the level position and at night I choose my memorized position and together the German Adjustable Bed System of Memory Foam Mattress and adjustable bed, air circulation capabilities, assists my breathing …and the massage is awesome! So by buying your adjustable beds  I have improved my condition, and have added quality in sleep. My wife's in her element with the lovely new bedroom we now have"
Peter Klein, Hertford, Germany.

Arthritic pain and poor circulation

"When I read of the memory foam attributes in your mattress of decreasing pressure points of inflamed joints, caused by my condition of arthritis, and that your adjustable base supporting your memo pedic memory foam mattress can memorize my position as well, I thought: ' is this really the case or is it just a marketing ploy '??? Well you taught an 'old fox' like me, something new . After decades of using a basic foam mattress and then upgrading to a spring mattress, YOUR memo pedic memory foam mattress and bed's ability to memorize my position has eased the all my joints affected by my arthritis in my knees and my hip - and helped the circulation."
Herr Herbet Schreiber, Hamburg

Multiple Sclerosis

"You know, getting old is not a pleasure. My wife sadly has passed on and even in her last years SHE USED TO HELP ME TO LEAVE BED ....and since we were both frail, it was like ' in the KINGDOM of the BLIND the ONE EYED MAN is KING .When she passed on I had a serious dilemma, especially with a diagnosed problem that I have. We still have our dignity and also like our privacy and that feeling that we are still capable of helping one self. I weighed up of getting some assistant to help me 24 hours, but with the hourly cost I found it much more cost effective to keep my helper in the day time, but invest once off in your german adjustable beds 4 u for the simple reason that I need no assistance to leave or get into bed and secondly, with 20 years guarantee on this ultra comfortable memory foam mattress and Adjustable Beds of 10 years guarantee, means I am secure that my ' night nurse' (german adjustable beds  system ) will never let me down and I keep my dignity. I doze off as the wave massage I select, soothes my body. Its really been an investment in my privacy AND comfort "
Mrs Dunn , Frankfurt


"LOL well you know most men who snore have experienced that nudge from their wives to stop us snoring. Well my wife was doing it almost every 15 minutes and it's not nice being disturbed .On the other hand I understood my wife saying it's like trying to sleep with a lawn mower idling …Oops . I do love my wife but at breakfast she was moody and so was I …we were both lacking sleep. I read once that there were pillows that helped reduce snoring, I tried medication as well nothing helped .I tell you it really starts arguments and I was getting desperate. When we went on holiday …well there was no holiday as who can afford two rooms instead of sight seeing we were sleeping at the pool due to no sleep at night in the hotel room ??? I read of your technology of adjustable beds helping snoring by elevation and that you are patenting an adjustable bed system that elevates as soon as a person snore and stops when the snoring stops. I couldn't wait for that system to arrive and invstead in the imported EU Adjustable Beds  have had amazing results by my snoring literally gone . Hahaha my wife Angelica, on the first evening when I was deep in sleep and of course started snoring AGAIN, took my hand control ( it's a RF Radio Frequent i.e. cordless and not infra red like a TV hand control meaning she can activate the bed from any direction and need not point at some transmitter, infra red light one cant find from every angle ) she instead of nudging me politely, adjusted my bed. The adjustable and massage motors, are so quiet that I was not woken …and as I was sleeping she raised the bed and stopped as soon as I stopped snoring. Since the hand control is so easy to operate she pressed one button and THAT position was saved. So when I fall asleep and the snoring starts, she simply presses one key on the hand control and I am in that 'saved ' position where I don't snore .You may be laughing now but my wife and I have ONE HUGE unnecessary dispute less AND with the memory foam mattress we wake up refreshed”
George Mantzis , Sydney

Customer Feed Back

Ms Myburgh

"I was pregnant, and during my last trimester, my back was aching like crazy, the extra weight was just too much. I needed only 5 minutes on my German Adjustable Bed , to take the terrible ache away. In fact, I didn't want to get out of bed in the mornings during the last weeks. The good news goes on! My baby was born via caesarian section, and after my discharge from hostpital, I had no problem recovering at home, due to the fact that I had the adjustable bed. It's the easiest thing to get out of an elevated bed when one can't use your stomach muscles. This is the best invention ever! Every pregnant woman should invest in this bed!"

Wojek Fibak (Wimbeldon Champion)

"After great success as doubles player I take more time off and choose only the big tournaments to hold my ranking. I dont like to admit it, but as I get older the aches and pains of the tough ATP 1000 TOUR has taken it's toll. A colleague in Germany mentioned this sleep system being unique as while I was in Hamburg I realized I woke up more revitalized after a week at the Hamburg Open( these beds are standard there). So I invested for my private house in your adjustable bed and memory foam mattress and my sleepless nights is something of the past AND I wake up feeling ready to hit a few big shots. Its really unique simply with the touch of a button I memorize my favorite position and my massage and I have the PERFECT DEEP SLEEP no tossing and turning to accommodate my wide shoulders .I am very tall and I was delivered an extra long bed. I wake up every day, completely refreshed! Each night I simply touch a button on my remote and I have my previous night's perfect sleep position, selected soothing massage therapy and self adjusting memo pedic Memory Foam mattress. I recommend a EUAdjustable Beds System bed to absolutely anyone and I am sure it will give me more years on the tour as I recuperate between tournaments "

P Erdmann

"VIELEN DANK (in English THANK YOU ) This is German technology at its best! My husband presses one button, and he leaves bed with his back at an 87 Degree angle at night with no hassle at all! He simply raises the bed and get off. My memory foam mattress adjust to my body contours and I can even read whilst being massaged. This is absolutely great!"I was concerned the massage motor would over work but what is great, is that after 20 minutes the massage cuts off .LOL in most cases I am in slumber land and if not I just press my memory button and I have my massage therapy again."

Vrau Szymanski

"I am sure many 'older people and young too at times (I was 38 years at the time when it started ), have noted swelling in their ankle area. My doctor diagnosed this to simply being poor circulation. Well, some get heart problems or other ailments and I have this issue. My good Dr advised me to try and invest in an adjustable bed as that will help. I am not the most technical person and really don't want to be playing with a hand control every day finding a good position or massage therapy. I carefully researched and asked around and was lucky to find your company. Firstly, thanks for your quality explanation on how to operate the bed and after comparing several products found that yours with the one hand control that operates the position and massage AND memorize my personal position and massage therapy at the touch of the button I knew that's what I wanted. My swollen legs have improved and what's so special is we bought a DUAL KING so my partner adjusts his half of the bed to his favorite position and his massage as well, that's unbelievably soothing!"

Juergen Wolff , Zuerich

" I suffer from rheumatoid arhrites. I get along every day with extreme discomfort. Your memo pedic Memory Foam Mattress supports my pressure points, and I am with the therapeutic massage so so comfortable and when I want, I press a button into the sitting position without having to struggle to get up. I can easily move into an upright position or lower myself with no effort at all. I wish I knew about this bed years ago!I must thank your company that has such top german engineers that spend their lives improving peoples lives as this relief is invaluable to us THANK YOU "

Even More Customer Feed Back

"I get a wonderful night's sleep with my EU Adjustable Beds System ." "I have circulation problems so when I lie in bed I have the foot part up ..."

"Now I wake-up without an ache or pain. I just spring right out of bed like a young person."

"The EU Adjustable Beds System is a godsend, really, really, really!"

"The day she slept in the EU Adjustable Beds System it made all the difference in the world!"

"I've only had my EU Adjustable Beds System for a year and I only wish I had bought it much sooner." "I should have purchased my German Adjustable Beds 4 U ten years ago!"

"Don't be a fool, get your EU Adjustable Beds System." "I don't have any regrets concerning my
EU Adjustable Beds System .In fact, we're thinking about buying another German Adjustable Beds 4 U!"

"We did go out and look at flat beds. At box springs and mattresses and headboards. And after we looked at all of them and added them all up, it was so close to what I paid for my
EU Adjustable Beds System, that I'd have been a fool to buy anything else."

"Whether it be for health reasons, or sleeping, or relaxing, or using the massage unit, or elevating your head or feet, watching TV, -- anything, the
EU Adjustable Beds System has it all!"

"Since I bought my EU Adjustable Beds, I want to tell you something, I don't regret one penny I spent on it." "... give yourself something that's going to really contribute to your life, and really make you feel better, and really make your health last."

"I would recommend the EU Adjustable Beds System to everybody. I think it's the best purchase we've ever made!"

"I would buy my EU Adjustable Beds System right now if I were you. Don't do what we did and wait years because you're going to get so many benefits out of having the bed. I'd recommend the EU Adjustable Beds System to anybody. It's an investment in good sleep, good rest, and good health, and good sex!"

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