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For over 40 years the EBS GROUP have been manufacturing perfecting and supplying our Orginal German Adjustable Beds in Germany , Switzerland , France , Belgium ,USA and Australia .Our SWISS DESIGNED adjustable bed and memory foam mattress are a 100 % 'Made In Germany 'product .

The company known as EU Adjustable Beds in South Africa has established bases in Durban and Johannesburg and Cape Town .

Top German and Swiss medical professionals endorse our beds that have proven over decades to provide the user with positional relief from hiatus hernia , back pain, insomnia, arthritis, etc

Our sophisticated original adjustable bed system had been used by almost 100% of the German and Swiss market (over 90 million people), improving millions of peoples' sleep quality, commonly known as the 'Volks bett' (peoples bed) in Germany where it is used by both young and old. Adjustable beds are used , besides in the European Union , in huge volumes in the USA .Our original adjustable bed from Germany is still rare in South Africa and EU Adjustable Beds is bringing our product to the South African peoples bedrooms

The German Adjustable Bed and memo pedic Memory Foam mattress enables you the user to memorize your position you have adjusted your head and foot to be which is supported by the memory foam mattress that memorizes your weight , contour and body heat .

Our German Adustable Beds System is for anyone who has pain or has a problem of sleepless nights and is the perfect comfort solution to a perfect nights sleep

Perspiration, skin tissue and dust particles can contribute to rheumatism, allergies, asthma and other disorders. When looking for the causes of these health problems you should consider the sleeping environment.

A hygienic bed permits air to circulate from below and is open at the corners to prevent the accumulation of mites, dust particles and moisture. It should be constructed of a smooth, light material that can be moved easily for cleaning.

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