Over 50 years ago a German engineer pioneered a sleep system to ease his wife's constant back pain, the concept was simple: the spine and body are flexible. Give them flexible support - a truly orthopedic one that adjusts automatically to each individual body and how it moves. By the 1970's this sophisticated original adjustable bed system, called the ‘Lattenrost’ (in English: slat system), had been the chosen and most commonly used system in Europe. Today the Lattenrost (slat system) is being used by nearly 100% of the German and Swiss market (with today a population totaling over 90 million people), improving millions of peoples' sleep quality, commonly known as the 'Volks bett' (peoples bed) in Germany where it is used by both young and old. Top German and Swiss medical professionals endorse the German engineered beds that have proven over decades to provide the user with positional relief from back pain, insomnia, arthritis, etc. Today, you will find the slatted sleep system in the majority of bedrooms throughout Central Europe.


EU Adjustable Beds  now introduces our 'Made in Germany' product to South Africans to revolutionize your sleep comfort. Our Adjustable Beds support each individual's body contours to give you the perfect night's sleep, assisting sufferers with various medical conditions, through our seven zone memory-featured German adjustable bed and soft, supportive equally zoned memo pedic memory foam mattress.

Every human being spends the greatest portion of their lifetime in bed. To have the perfect night's sleep is the best investment you can make 'today for tomorrow'. You can actively influence your health tomorrow by having the best sleep tonight. Research in Germany and Switzerland over the last five decades has proven that the original German/Swiss-styled system is the optimal sleep system that helps prevent insomnia and thereby improve blood pressure, heart health, longevity and overall wellbeing. The Swiss and German people are known for their overall productivity. One can only consider how much of this is accounted for by the fact that their sleep system ALSO offers the optimal bed climate, allowing air circulation and reducing moisture, elliminating the ideal habitat for dust mites.

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